Chicago Marathon Volunteer Opportunity

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Chicago Marathon Volunteer Opportunity


Dear J-1 Interns and Trainees!

We would like to invite you to join your fellow exchange visitors and volunteer for the Chicago Marathon, held this year on Sunday, October 8, 2018 from 11:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. This is a unique opportunity to experience the American value of volunteerism with the added thrill of watching and cheering 45,000 runners from more than 100 countries participate in one of the world’s biggest marathons.

This year we are excited to announce that the U.S. Department of State will help at the “Finish Line Heatsheets” station, where the vast majority of volunteers will be exchange visitors and State Department employees! This will foster an even greater sense of community and better facilitate cross-fertilization between sponsor organizations. The details for the finish line heatsheets station are below.  

Details of the Volunteering Project:

Volunteers will work in the Heatsheet distribution area just after the finish line. Responsibilities include unrolling and preparing heatsheets, distributing them to participants, and helping to keep the area clean and organized. This job is especially important on cooler race days. At the end of the afternoon volunteers will assist with the removal of light, ground-based finish line branding, rolling snow fence and re-packing remaining Heatsheet supplies.

Registration Guidelines:

To register, please follow this link that will take you to the Chicago Event Management website. Once you created an account you can login and enter "German American Chamber of Commerce" in the comments. Fill out the other required fields and you are all set to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon. 

Please note that all volunteers must register individually and directly with Chicago Event Management, as described above. The registration deadline is October 1st!

More about the Chicago Marathon:

The Chicago Marathon has come a long way from its first running in 1977 to become one of the world's biggest and most popular 27-mile road races. 45,000 runners participate annually, representing more than 100 countries from around the world. More than 12,000 volunteers support the runners from the moment they begin their journey to the start line until they are reunited with their families.